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The Full Velocity Network is the new era of premier e-sport broadcasting. For years the voices of Todd Stanton and Phil LaCasse became mainstays covering big time races while showcasing a professionalism and excitement to every broadcast, along the way a third partner in Joe Ahlin was discovered and the trio hit the ground running. The key to our continued success in broadcasting is providing our viewers with in-depth analysis, key strategies, guest interviews and a bit of humor keeping all of our viewers entertained, for it is our viewers with their unconditional support, that continue to bring us back wanting to raise the standard of what we envision as professional broadcasting.

The Full Velocity Network rose out of the departure of the DRL Network in May of 2017. Fellow broadcasters Phil LaCasse, Todd Stanton and Joe Ahlin all shared the same feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction in what we had previously accomplished working with the DRL Network, and it was that drive that prompted us to continue on with the legacy of the DRL Network and rebrand ourselves into the Full Velocity Network in May of 2017.

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Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing the most professional looking broadcast product available today. Also a vital key to our success is the authentic sound track and breed of announcing that comes unique to every Full Velocity show. Where FVN separates itself from the rest is the customer service we provide. Our history and product speak volumes to the quality that is unmatched. Coupled with very affordable packages we guarantee you will get the spectacular experience that all leagues deserve. Be part of The New Revolution and showcase your league on Full Velocity TV!

Easy to Use

The most customizable, user friendly broadcasting service around. Any content and information provided becomes a focal point of every show.

Works Everywhere

Full Velocity is fully versatile and our software works on any server, regardless of provider. Consistency is key and all clients get the high standard that all have come to expect.

Great Performance

Our broadcast software is battle tested and put to the test on a consistent basis. Show quality is paramount. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously.

Clean Presentation

Picture and Sound quality will be very clear and crisp. The visual orientation will always stay fresh to optimize the viewers experience.

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